COVID 19 and its effects on our business


We have been affected very badly by the pandemic; lockdown meant we could no longer provide our in-company trainings which made up the lion’s share of our work. Translations, our second pillar, were also badly affected as companies struggled to adjust to the new reality. So, we went online and have been providing online trainings for our customers since June 2020. It also meant we had to move office premises from the Manroland premises to Kriegshaber.


Our new address is Dr. Dürrwanger str 15F, 86165 Augsburg.

Email, phone etc. remain unchanged.


Every crisis provides opportunity, and our opportunity and that of our customers, is that we had the time to develop our online offering and hone it to the cutting-edge product we now offer. As an example, you could check out our Business and Guinness shows on our Youtube channel, called naturally Business and Guinness, and check the development from when we started to where we are now.


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