Language training

We believe that language learning can only be effective when the methods employed comply with the expectations of the participant.

We have developed individual training concepts together with our customers, which we would love to introduce to you. Alongside the familiar methods of training, such as single lessons, group training, and seminars, we have continuously developed ourselves. Flexible Modular Trainings and tailored workshops are only an excerpt from our training offering.

The Team from Business Languages Augsburg will develop and realise a specialist, practically oriented language training catering to your requirements, in almost every world language.

Single training

You need rapid success and require the highest level of flexibility when it comes to time, location and scope of your language training?

Single training is definitely the most intensive and most effective way to learn a language. Through the latest methods and teaching materials in combination with highly qualified and experienced trainers, single training leads to rapid success.


  • Success achieved in quickest time possible
  • Lots of speaking time
  • We choose the most suitable trainer for your needs
  • Highest level of flexibility

Group training

Group work = Team work

Participants are assigned to small groups with others having the same language levels.

In the groups the social relationships have as much importance as the language skills and are equally supported. Your employees learn the language that they need for their professions. We place great emphasis on practically oriented exercises and active participation of the group members.


  • Teamwork
  • Encouraging social relationships
  • Practical orientation through project work
  • Higher level of speaking time, through small size of group

Modular Training 

Dynamic, Target oriented, Successful

Modular Training is a real alternative for companies to carry out compact and clearly defined language training. 

The benefit of Modular Training is that employees do not have to participate in a weekly language course, but rather one time a month for 4 hours, for example. The scope of the individual modules can be designed individually for your company. Our modular packages normally consist of 3 progressive modules, which are defined according to topic. (For example: Presentations, Technical English, English for customer care, telephoning).

In our Modular Trainings the participants are actively involved; we offer an option of a Self Study Program for the time in between the modules.

The training therefore is compact, clearly defined and dynamic.

Workshop Training

What is a Workshop?

The idea here is a course in which the participants learn in the form of practical exercises or collect ideas and suggestions on a topic. 

We are convinced that the best solutions arise from a multitude of good ideas and proposals. 

Our Workshops are tailored and have a clear objective. We train your employees on one day, normally 8 hours or eight teaching hours (8 x 45 minutes) as desired, and prepare them for a particular project.

For example: A tour of the production area in English. Ideas and proposals are collected in small groups, actively discussed and transformed into a solution during group work. The result of this is the tailored tour of production in English for YOUR Company. The participants also receive basis material and field-specific vocabulary from us to contribute to the end result.